Kenyan Artist Stranded in Paris Over Expired Passport Wants State Help.


A Kenyan artist stranded in France for more than five months after he failed to renew his passport now wants the government to bail him out.

In a video clip posted on his Facebook, G. Rongi Matigari said his planned trips to Sarajevo and Bangkok are in jeopardy following the predicament.

“They treat me like garbage since I started asking for the passport. The other day they told me to come me with an affidavit, after five months?” he asked.

Matigari, popularly known for his song “Mokorino”, said he is a Kenyan who deserves respect like any other person.

Showing a receipt he was issued for the renewal of his passport, Matigari said he needs his business to run so as to feed himself and advance his career.

“The delay in renewing my passport has derailed my business and I have not been able to make my international trips. This is stressful,” he said.

Matigari said he had applied for the renewal of the passport on January 25, 2016 but the delays have been too much.

According to Jambo news, several cases of applicants waiting for the vital documents in the US have also been on the rise.

Many who applied for the Kenyan identification cards are waiting for more than six months with others taking more than a year.

When contacted by the Star on phone on Wednesday, the foreign affairs ministry said they are looking into the matter.

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Source – The Star