Kenya Film Classification Board bans Same Love Remix video by Art Attack.

Same Love

Same Love

Everyone is fighting for some space of their own and rights to themselves, the most heated debate worldwide being the issue of same gender love and relationship seeing countries like the United States legalizing the same and African countries Kenya on the forefront have been facing same questions with different answers and ragged conclusions.

A Kenyan group that advocates for gay rights dropped a video last week which featured a couple of gay and lesbian celebrities and now the might be in trouble with the Kenya Film Classification Board.

Have you ever seen the obvious, well it was clear from the start that the new video by the group advocating for LGBT rights was to be brought down and banned in the country.

The news posted on the boards social media explained that the producer of Same Love Remix did not even acquire a licence from the Board and now they were in trouble, further they explained that the video was promoting homosexuality.