Kenah Delivers Her Sophomore Single ‘Control’

Kenah Delivers Her Sophomore Single ‘Control’

KENAH continues her career debut with the release of ‘Control’, which follows on from the acclaimed Afrocentric banger ‘Plenty’ just a week ago. Having put her foot down, it seems KENAH’s not taking her foot off the gas any time soon and the meticulous planning that has gone into her arrival in the public eye shines through as ‘Contol’ also marks the announcement of her debut EP!

The ‘Poposky’ produced track, ‘Control’ exhibits an enchanting rhythmic drum pattern, soul-soothing melodies, and is topped up by an infectious vocal hook. This powerful combination is starting to become a sure-fire style of Kenah’s that sees her lean into deep percussive beats and deliver her unique hybrid of choral experiences alongside the art of rap. Daringly bold and energetic as it is smooth and sensual, Kenah’s sound has an elegance and rarity to it that is only uncovered when true diamonds are discovered. With a swaying, soulful core, the roots of the record stimulate the senses and make it hard to ignore the provocative calls to dance and as we descend into the opening up of parties and events worldwide, KENAH has produced an anthem that can guide the very essence of the celebrations.

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Seasoned with music since childhood, her impeccable talent has been molded into what it is today throughout her 21 years. Whether it be her leading school choirs or making her first attempt to write her own lyrics, it seems her destiny has always been music. At University she became a campus favorite when she recorded and shared her first few songs and she soon started to spark the interest of music industry professionals. Fast forward to her release debut and Kenah found her home with UK-based record label JustJoJo Entertainment, a label synonymous with Afrobeats and Nigerian artists.

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As she prepares for the release of her debut 7-track EP ‘3:05 MUSING’ on the 23rd of July, the sheer scale of the campaign demonstrates the potential that the Nigerian-based artist has. With a superstar roster of producers that includes DJ Coublon, Mystro, Poposky, and Insane Chips and mix and mastering by Mix Monsta a.k.a Selebobo, Milla Mix, and Na Me Dey Mix and Master, ‘3:05 MUSING’ is the ideal embodiment of KENAH’s entry into the Afrobeat scene. Each track is carefully curated to take us on a musical journey, whilst still conveying the necessary upbeat, fun-filled feeling that is crucial to this genre and ‘Control’ takes centre stage in presenting that to the world.

Speaking about the EP, Kenah says, “3:05 Musing is a quick reflection of different stages in my life. It is purely a collection of love, pain, sweat, and memories of both good and trying times. I like to refer to it as a painting using different colors to create one beautiful piece of art. It incorporates different sounds for different times, different rhythms for different minds, and different feelings for different vibes.

Creating 3:05 Musing, to be honest, was a life-changing experience. I couldn’t be prouder of the work I put in to create this EP because every single track was better than the last and that convinced me that I was doing good.”