Keitus Promo: Good Art Sells Itself

Keitus Promo: Good Art Sells Itself

Thomas Nyakangi, popularly known as Keitus Promo is arguably one of the most sought-after music promoters in the Kenyan music industry. Professional music publicist, social media influencer, marketer, and Marketing manager under Black Market Records an American Based Africa Music label.

As the Chief Executive Officer of (KEM) Kenyan Muziki Entertainment Company, Keitus Promo has successfully held scores of Music Pr, Working with the major music Labels and Artists in the country.

He goes down memory lane to recall his long journey into the fiercely competitive Kenyan music industry. During His Interview, he spoke about why Kenyan Music is not progressing much.

“There’s this fantasy of overnight success. We hear about artists who were painting away in their studio, then someone somehow magically found them and now they’re famous and they just live off of the sales that they magically get.” Keitus Promo Says

If you listen to music on the radio, chances are you’ll hear a lot of lyrics that don’t match the ones on the original album recordings. When songs get profanity, obscenity, or references to drugs or sex removed for broadcast, it’s a process known as clean editing. Kenyan Music Industry it’s really Growing but with the wrong Audience. We need to go international Get More airplay on Major Tv stations around the world not just home.

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The 25-year old seasoned music promoter also reemphasized his passion for not just the Kenyan music industry but the world at large.

He also Talked of; Sex, violence, drugs, politics, religion and just plain loud noise have all been grounds for music censorship. Whether referencing taboo subject matter, challenging the government and commercialism, or just upsetting the masses (directly or indirectly), the fact is that musicians are targeted out of fear of their power over listeners.

“My plan is to invest more in music real business. Kenyan music is gaining massive international recognition and now is the time to tap into it,” said Keitus Promo.