Kassa Money by Ms. Sunshine & Juliet Featuring Menez GH Now Out


Kenyan Afropop singer, songwriter and producer residing in Belgium, Ms. Sunshine and renowned beauty queen, singer, actress and entrepreneur Juliet have a brand new single out ‘Kassa Money’ featuring Menez GH.

Kassa Money’ is the manifesto for the hustle in the year 2020. 2020 is a year of reaping and through the song the artistes want to encourage the go-getters not to lose hope but to keep on fighting and work towards achieving their dreams.

The message is that all dreams are valid, no matter where you are from!  The song is not only meant to inspire but prove that all things that we think of and work on are achievable. The bottom line is that money is just energy; it always move, so one should not get hung up about the present situation. 

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As Africans, this is clearly evident by the number of artists, producers, and actors from foreign lands who are now being recognized on the world stage. This is not only inspiring for other foreign artists but equally motivating.  

Now available in over 200 digital music stores worldwide. Watch ‘Kassa Money’ below, enjoy.