Karma In A Heartbeat by Allan Edwards [POEM]

Written by Allan Edwards Watima


How did you get my number.. Player?
What d’you think Karma? I picked it when I fell for you on the stairs,
Yes people, Karma in my daymares,
Aggressive like a bear yet her face is the most fair,
How we started our lust affair?  I have no idea,
And I don’t care,
The right gear was pressed in her ear
Then the ride carried us away to beers
Got drunk in lust and smoked our fears,
Then vomit inform of words came out clear,
Kannon my dear,
Our lust is yours to bear, and mine to share,
I swear I smiled till my mouth sides touched my ears,
Until I thought of it deeper..
Really.. really?  Share?

That hit me in the ego… square!
I thought no other body language could pair with her flair,
But Karma’s game ain’t fair,
Other men had “arrears” which she substituted for “shares”,
Meaning I was the played player,
With my balls kicked in the centre,
Frustrated and sprinting scared;
I went to a date with a girl who wasn’t there,
Rather than lay the liar in my lair,
Thanks to the truth-meter-beer,
Karma was out of my hair,
All I wanted was to take her off the beach of mischief and headup the *project-X cliff*,
With me being the only the deal in the seal team.
But I guess *Sutra* can’t come without Karma,
Beaches  Karma is her protector from the soul conman.


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