Juliani Announces Release Of His 4th Album ‘Masterpiece’


Rap Icon and Entrepreneur, Juliani is about to hit on our ears with great music again in the course of this 2020. This is after announcing through his social media platforms that his 4th album, titled masterpiece is going to be released in this year. He also shared a very creatively designed artwork for this very project.

He hasn’t specified the exact date but signs are all over that this is going to be sooner than expected. Most of his fans speculate that he will do this on the 22nd April,which is his birthday. This is however, not yet confirmed! 

Juliani has been in the game for the past 16yrs. He started his Rap career in the legendary Dandora Hip Hop group,Ukoo Flani. He later went solo. On 18th Dec 2008 he released his debut album ‘Mtaa Mentality’, which is arguably one of the best all-time Kenyan albums and the greatest Kenyan Hip Hop album of all time.

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On Aug 21st, 2011, he released his sophomore album, ‘Pulpit Kwa Street’, another certified classic album that made extraordinary sales. On 22nd April 2014, he released his 3rd album, ‘Exponential Potential’, where he was less commercial and deeper in his faith. Now he is back for the 4th time!!

Everyone is looking forward to this release,  launch and legendary live performance.