Jaguar – Alcoholism Is A Decease That Should Be Covered By NHIF.


Nacada director Charles Kanyi has urged the government to initiate talks for the NHIF to add alcoholism to its list of insurable conditions.

Kanyi, popularly known as singer Jaguar, also asked counties to support rehabilitation centres, in a bid to eradicate alcohol abuse.

“Alcoholism was recently classified as a disease in Kenya. It is time the NHIF extended its coverage to the same,” Jaguar said.


He asked the government to pursue the matter and ensure its full implementation.

Jaguar said the percentage of levies from liquor licenses, which is set aside for rehab centres, should be implimented in offering vocational training for people in those facilities.

He said, “Available rehab facilities are too exorbitant for the majority of people affected by alcoholism. These centres should consider subsidizing the costs in order to benefit the affected.

“I am also calling upon the leaders of opposition to help us campaign against alcoholism and drug abuse. As leaders, let them join us in this fight for a better Kenya.”

The ‘Kigeugeu’ hit maker made the remarks on Friday when he visited Asumbi Rehabilitation Centre in Kiambu county, where he urged the recovering alcoholics to become ambassadors against alcoholism once they are fully rehabilitated and out of the rehab facilities.

Source – The Star