It Was Boyband Heaven At H_Art The Band “Made In The Streets” Album Tour-Thika Edition

By Embukane Libosso @LibossoVincent


The Nairobi lads leave a mighty impact in Thika over the weekend!
The underscore on their band title name is the bridge between the heart and art and that was easily captured in H_Art The Band’s Kenneth Muya, Wachira Gatama and Mordecai Mwinyi, alongside friends, grand style concert held at the Ananas Mall in Makongeni Thika. 

And while the tour was designed to support the latest album, “Made In The Streets” the boys knew what the fans were really there for…Their amazing catalog of hits from the classic sing-along songs to the current new album’s snappy pop hits!

With an array of Thika’s homegrown talents curtain raising the show, which was a plus for the culture, the energetic hype-man. Gudah Man backed by the Genje Dancers upon an introduction from the event host, Dr. Ofweneke, drew the crowd to its feet with their synchronized energetic dance moves.

Seats aside, the free coca-cola soda bottles on the ground, the concert-goers overwhelming response was enough to seal the fact that H_Art The Band is slowly drawing a movement. From kids to young adults, grown-ups to seasoned fans, and as much of a signature for the group as their fashion statements are their tight harmonies, and they were on full display as they performed.


As a testament to the control the guys had over the crowd, the audience stood as the show began and remained on their feet for the entire time. They popped, locked and belted for more than two hours — in between calling friends on stage, Sol Generation’s Bensoul (who was all this while backing up the band on the bass guitar), the ladies magnet Nviiri The Storyteller and before ending on a perfect encore note with The Red Acapella (now going by the moniker Red a.k.a Fellaz).

With all their friends at different times on the stage, one thing remained evident; not only were the band’s vocals on point, but the transitions with the rest of the band from H_Art The Band songs to their friend’s songs were also seamless proving the chemistry. Mordecai even did back-up vocals for Nviiri and Bensoul.

This wasn’t just a magical Sunday night of music, it was boy-band heaven. It was truly eargasmic.
Other Fresh Acts We Loved From The Concert – Our Pick

Bankhtu Soul 

The straight-shooting lad lays down some melodious twists to Afro-pop and Reggae.

Thee Bwoy Tripple

His catchy Hip Hop flow captured the audience.

Photo courtesy of H_art the Band Facebook page.


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