Introducing Shanah | Self-driven 9 Year Old Singer Establishing Her Musical Presence


She may be still young but her talent is way bigger than you could expent from someone her age. Born on 30th of March 2008 to Anthony and Florence Manjeru, Shanah Manjeru is 9 years old singer, recording and performing artist.

A last born of three siblings, Shanah’s talent manifested when she was a baby, she would create tunes, melodies and hums, though the words were gibberish. She would do this while eating, bathing or playing with toys. Her dad would take videos and audio recordings of her as he found it unusual.

In September 2015, at 7 years old, her parents organised a fully-fledged gospel music concert for her, in which she performed several songs to an audience. It was a simple concert, but it left many children and parents inspired.

Shanah is self-driven when it came to learning songs. She is fearless and confident when singing in front of audiences, no matter the size. She also loves to have fun and is always cheerful, like other children.

She has performed in birthday parties, at school events, in churches, at a wedding for a bride, on Sunday television gospel shows, at a funeral service, during Churchill Show Live and Churchill Kids Festivals and featured in newspaper articles and radio and television interviews.

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In mid-2017, Shanah emerged first place in the under-10 singing competition at the nationals of the Kenya Music Festival held in Kakamega.

After many performances singing songs by other established musicians, it was now time for Shanah to sing her own songs.

In October 2017, her parents helped to record and release her debut music single and video – ‘Destiny’, watch below.

When Shanah is asked about what she wants to do or become when she grows up, she says that she wants to be many things; a doctor, a singer, a dancer, a gymnast, a teacher and an artist. Only God knows her plans, but one thing is certain, music will always be a big and central part of her life.

Promised to unveil more songs in 2018, Shanah kicked off her music year on a high note, the budding singer unveiled her second single titled ‘We Are One’, watch it below.