Introducing Linda | An All Girl Group Bringing Back That Pure Feeling With Authentic Swahili Music


Roughly, a month ago, I bumped into some amazing music on youtube and just like my day-to-day routine of searching for content online, I never expected to be so attached to these new artists.

Known by the stage name Linda, Swahili for preserve or protect is an all-girl group composed of three vocally gifted queens with flawless abilities to both sing and entertain at the same time.

Composed of members Beryl, Rae and Alexis, Linda founded by Uwezo Awareness Foundation CEO Wawesh Mjanja (who happens to be their producer), is more than just a music group- it is a movement that seeking to bring back the good old vibes with music by producing authentic soulful Swahili music and other expressions creating an emotional connection across generations.

It’s with their debut track “Penzi Tamu” that I was introduced to them, this was a Swahili rendition of the all time hit “Sweetest Taboo” which originally released by the amazing artist Sade and produced by Robin Millar.

“Swahili is the love language of the people of East Africa. It is the single most spoken language across the region. It not only unifies the people of East Africa but also connects countries in the region with the amazing culture and rich heritage that comes along with it.” They explain.

Short after Linda followed up with yet another Swahili rendition of American award winning singer songwriter Brandy’s hit “Baby” and vibes from this song are so catchy that you cannot resist but just fall in love with these ladies.

Set to make unveil their first original work this weekend (As at the time of writing this) with a new song dubbed “Ushawahi (Hela Hela Hey)” a song that deals with the subject of friendship where individuals feel the need to give their opinion about a situation either in support of, against or their neutrality towards it. It encourages the need to lend an ear to the pros and cons (both sides of a coin) in order to arrive at an informed decision.

Well I do not know what good music is, but I can tell you it just sounds something like what these girls sing, but hey! do not just take my word for it, head over to YouTube on their channel Linda Entertainment and see it for yourself.