Introducing Ken Natel | Lakeside Talent Positively Touching Lives Through Music


It’s that time of the week again that I get to meet some of the hottest artists who are climbing the charts, breaking the internet or just dominating my personal playlists. One of these faces is Ken Natel, an amazing young man whose talent simply blew me away.

Ailing from the lakeside city, Ken Natel is singer, song-writer, pianist, guitarist, music producer, recording and performing Afro-pop and RnB artist based in Kisumu. Yes he has all that in him!

He started his musical career back in 2015, singing as an underground artist hence Natel has maintain a calm existence in the industry but he never broke through the ceiling until now.

His stage name Natel an acronym for “Nourish and Touch Ever Life” a phrase that gives him purpose for doing music with the aim of touching and positively influencing lives.

A Maseno University student currently working and signed at Street Breeze Records, the multi-talented artist is accredited for being the both music director and founder of Kisumu’s fast rising music group Urban Clique Band where he also takes on the roles of a pianist and vocalist for the band.

Just like any form of art that requires the spark to kick start the magic, Ken draws his inspiration from nature, his close friends, his life experiences and every day activities to create an amazing mix of sound in form of music.

Natel who ensures his gift of voice and music making does not remain dormant by giving electrifying performances every Friday of the week from 6-11PM at the Vic Hotel in Megacity, Kisumu.

Set to unveil his debut visuals for his latest single dubbed “Nazama” this coming Friday. I actually got the chance to sample to the single for the first time just a few hours before I penned this down and have asked for a better sync.

“Nazama” a Swahili phrase translating to I am sinking, will be unveiled on YouTube and you will get an exclusive first review of the same on here. In the meantime get to sample the audio below while we await for the official visuals.