Introducing Kawangware Kings | Talented Duo Vows To Save Local Music By Producing Quality Works


Kawangware Kings is a music group composed of two most sort after rappers namely; Obiero Clinton aka Lyn Clint-King and Kennedy Kwendo aka Kena Kraizy-Young King.

The duo who are working under the management of Damiano Lirechi, and has been able to record major tracks with some of the best producers in the country like Motif on the track and AJ on the track. They also have been able to publish a solo project for Lyn Clint King dubbed “No chorus” as well as their latest project titled “Bosses” was directed by Kash Kid from Mainstream films.

When asked on what they have in store for the entertainment industry, they said, “Our past, present and future plan is not to take Kenyan music international but to do quality and international music in Kenya.”

Lyn Clint-King who says his art journey has been long, dating back in his schooling days. “Back in primary school I started by drawing, making art pictures and drawings. After that I attended musical classes where I went for inter-school competitions which were mainly poetry, traditional songs and vocals.” He reminisces.

“After I joined high school I continued drawing but I switched to dancing, standup comedy and acting, I had the impression in music though I never knew how to do it. When I entered form two, I heard of this artist Octopizzo from Kibera and I got inspired by his music. From then onwards, I started writing my pieces of hip hop music up to” He added.

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Even though the paths of these two talents came to cross, their journeys were not similar as narrated by the other half piece of the puzzle Kena Kraizy-Young King.

“I joined Nairobi artistic youth association in 2013 as an actor after being influenced by my current manager who used to be the groups chairperson at that time. After I had cleared my high school education, I was enrolled to a local beauty and hairdressing collage in Kawangware, up on my completion I was appointed to the post of the group’s beauty therapist. With time I got the influence to start trapping/rapping, these zeal was triggered by the then music director Lyn Clint King.” Kena Kraizy told us.

“I started planning on how and what I could do to change the music industry and elevate it to a deferent level. I chose to work with hip-hop in 2016, because it is easy for me to create rhymes, play with words to trap and rap and make sense to the audience.” He added.

Armed with powerful talents, Kawangware Kings strongly believes that they will make the change that they want to see and sense in the Kenyan music industry as they introduce international and quality music to Kenya.

Curently riding high on their latest release “Bosses” these two young men will stop at nothing to produce great music.

Watch “Bosses” below as directed by Kashkeed.