Interracial Couples : a Dead End or a New Beginning?

Written by Bethany Miller


If you look at a calendar, you will see that we are in the 21st century and its high time to forget about the time when an interracial partnership was prohibited and completely unacceptable. People come up with some weird rules and frames and decide that this is the only way to live, but it is not. All the limits are in the head. Why should people limit themselves with such weird thoughts on interracial partnerships? They are free to choose any person they like without any exception due to the skin color or a shape of eyes. Have you ever noticed that the most beautiful people have so many different national roots? However, interracial dating can be a hard deal, especially if you cannot ignore some rumors and close attention to your couple. How can you overcome public opinion and create a stable couple and a happy family?

Understand your true intentions.

If you have always been attracted by some race which is so different to yours, you should understand why it is so. What features do you like the most and why? Is it just a fetish or something much bigger? Nowadays interracial dating is quite a common thing which continues to gather momentum thanks to the internet globalization. You can live on different continents and this is not a problem. The challenge is that you can have a too different background, including language, culture and the lifestyle and you should accept it. Are you ready to face this challenge and go further? You should try to be open-minded if you want to get a new beginning.

Forget about any stereotypes.

Don’t forget that a serious and happy relationship cannot base on anything except love and mutual respect, when you accept the people as they are. Talking about attraction, it is useful at the first stage and it will not play a big role in the future because it is replaced by other feelings. Fetish will not also do. Don’t perceive it as your status thing and demonstration of your personal success. Only mutual respect of the human dignity can have a high position in the happy relationship.

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Meet with each other’s family.

If you consider yourselves to be a couple, sooner or later you should meet with each other’s family, especially if some of you have deep family ties. Almost everyone is a little bit scared by the future meeting with the partner’s family and these fears can be multiplied by 10 in the case of interracial couple because of some prejudices. Nevertheless, avoiding this meeting will not strengthen your relations. Prepare your families in advance and give them time to calm down and accept your choice even if you think that you have the most tolerant family in the world. If you want to create a happy family with this person, try to do your best to bring it to life.

Forget about prejudices forever.

If you are going to have an interracial partnership or you are already in it, make sure that you do not have any prejudices against another race and will not mention them in the future. If you have, try to find out the reason and deal with them now till it is not late. One of the horrible things you can make is to let the racism get involved in your couple. You don’t have the right to offend someone’s race even jokingly. Sometimes it is difficult to ignore manifestations of racism by other people, but you should be strong and face this challenge if you want to become a winner. People can find a thousand different things that they do not like in you or in your couple but who cares, let them live with their narrow-mindedness.

If you are of different races and you love each other, listen to your heart and this will become a wonderful beginning of your happily ever after.