Industry Nite’s Digital Platform #Tubonge Engages The Audience On Societal Issues Through Arts


#Tubonge is a digital platform created by Industry Nite that engages Kenyans in discussions on societal awareness propagated by various people in different fields through the arts.

Each and every Wednesday at 3-4pm, they host conversations which are moderated by professionals who contribute in any way towards awareness of arts in the society.

The pioneer influencer was DNG, the number one hype man, who hosted the discussion of music and politics.

This year being an election year, seeing that not many artistes are making music to impact the elections season, we thought it best to converse on the topic to enlighten the audience on the importance of peaceful elections.

More so, seeing artistes like Muthoni Drummer Queen release a song “Kenyan Message” which basically calls out the politicians. They engaged in a conversation with her, enlightening us on her new music through #Tubonge.

Other influencers include Dj Ruff whom they had a conversation with on his journey as a deejay and his contribution to the society with his deejaying school, among others.

Predominantly, Industry Nite engages their audience in conversations that affect directly and indirectly the art and music scene. Continuing to push the interdependence of politics, career choices, societal moral views, financial benefits e.t.c with arts and music.

Dr. Reign who is professionally a medical doctor, an activist and a hip hop artiste, joined the conversation on #Tubonge discussing on music and career. Balancing the two is an area where most people fail to prosper. Most artistes will either slack on their careers than their music, his contribution enlightened and showed many that it is indeed possible to balance the two.

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Dr.Reign has done a collaboration with Kforce and Keb called “Sauce”, watch it below.

We have seen the platform grow, each and every week, reaching out to many people, who directly or indirectly are influenced by arts and instilling in others interest thus making #Tubonge trend each and every Wednesday.

Yesterday at 3:00 to 4:00 PM, they had a conversation with one of the greatest musical duo and alumni from the Tusker project Fame – Amos and Josh and they shed some light on music and social impact.

The hosts are huge contributors in making music that awakens the awareness of societal issues from their collaboration with Sauti Sol in “Nerea” where they sang of abortion and their latest feature in Calvo Mistari’s song “Urembo” where they urge every woman to love themselves despite of men’s definition of what beauty is.

Watch Calvo Mistrari featuring Amos and Josh “Urembo” below.

Great news is that you can join in the conversation from the comfort of your office or home!! Remember to catch these and more discussions every Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:00PM on twitter only on Industry Nite’s #Tubonge.

Check out Industry Nite’s website for more information