Hip-hop Artiste 3D Dully Releases New Single ‘Kutwaa’


Rapper 3D dully has released his first solo single, Kutwaa since leaving the hip hop group Kalahari Jeshi.

‘Kutwaa’ is about all the soldiers championing the cause worldwide to stand up and represent their territories. The song is also a node to his hood, Calif.

“I am grateful that people get to hear what I can offer. Every soldier needs to stand up for their hood and show the world what their hood is capable of”, said 3D Dully.

Dully who began music when he was in school, used to showcase at F2 Jam sessions, WAPI Concerts, hip hop cyphers and Rap Battles. His music career took a turn for the best when he joined the Eastleigh based group, Kalahari Jeshi where they went on to release mixtapes. He branched out on his own and is now releasing solo projects.

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3D Dully hopes to release more music as time goes by. He has an EP produced at Johari Clef studios that are set to be released soon.

The song was produced by PBS and the video was directed by Johnson Kyalo.

Watch the video below, enjoy.



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