Here is a compilation of memories that made 2015 by Kenrazy featuring Nevila


Two Thousand…fifteen, that is the year we winding up as in the final moments of this great year that has had excitement and fun in the entertainment industry comes to a close, Kenrazy could not sit just back and watch it fade away without a dope reminder of what 2015 has been all about with a compilation of memories and events that made 2015 bind together in a song.

Even though it is a difficult task fitting all the names and events that made 2015 in a 5 minutes and 23 seconds song Kenrazy does his best to see them all spelt out in his new track dubbed I am 2015 and he states  “I was at the studio and thought about how fun and interesting it would be for our fans and fellow artists to know the best moments of various celebrities in the game.”

Kenrazy features the sweet voice of Nevila in the jam while this amazing album of memories fit in a song was produced by one half of Shida Mbili Visita. Listen to I am 2015 by Kenrazy featuring Nevila below and drop your comments in the box.