They are unique and stylish with their unique style dubbed Afro-Poetry, a fusion of music with an African touch and spoken word and poetry. They took the Kenya music industry by storm with hits like ‘Uliza Kiatu’, ‘Nikikutazama’ and their current hit ‘Baby Love’ it is evident as their name suggests H_art the Band really does understands heart and love matters to the fullest. This kept me thinking if these three weren’t singer-songwriters and performing acts they would be love doctors or something closer to relationship experts.

The amazing band was formed when the members Modecai Kimeu, Kenneth Muya and Wachira Gatama auditioned at the end of 2012.The three met in the corridors of their acting careers, late 2012, where Mordecai auditioned Kenchez and Wachira for a play on cancer-awareness at the Kenya National theatre.
Their passion for music, spoken word and poetry, comedy, dance, fashion is what spark the chemistry that lead the three on the 22nd of February 2013 to perform together for the first time at Dass Ethiopian restaurant and, H_art the Band was formed.Being one of the few bands or musicians that can actually hold a live show, it is not strange for them to steal the hearts of the audience its simply what they do and they are good and what they do.
There presence has not only brought awareness that Kenyan music industry has talents but they have completely revolutionized the industry, Come to think of it, they do a genre of Music so rare and unique, A big risk anybody in the music scene would take if they ever wished to make it or even sell there music and it has shown massive success by far. Commanding a large share of loyal fans across the country and continent and not showing any symptoms of giving up that realm any time soon.

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Watch ‘Baby Love’ by H_art the Band below.