Guardian Angel Drops Much Awaited ‘Kosi’ Video


Celebrated Kenyan gospel musician Guardian Angel has officially released the video to his much-awaited single ‘Kosi’.

The song produced by Teddy B is inspirational, encouraging and will definitely uplift you if you’ve started the year on a low note.

In the song, Guardian Angel notes that those who don’t want to see him prospering, and asks Gos to uplift him.

He opines that without God on his side he cannot manage to do anything

“Moyo wangu unawaka moto…Wale wenye roho ngumu ka kokoto…Wanataka mi niangamie
Nipotelee bwana nichunge kama motto…Baba andaa meza mbele ya maadui zangu…Nile ninywe nitulie nikutumikie…Mi nikuishie nikukimbilie…Milele kwa hekalu lako nikuhudumie,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

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This is his first release of the year, and it performing relatively well an indication that Guardian could have a good year if he keeps the energy.

So far, the song has managed over 16,000 views on YouTube.