Gods Of The Theatres by Felix Angaga


12 hours to the 13 hour
They fight on
the necessary gloves on
The bloody mess on the floor
The sweat that is wiped moment after moment
She lays stiff at the table knowing not what they are doing or who they are
Prayers are heard from the alter
Not a normal day for this family
A simple mistake can ruin or end hers
The exchange of words medically,
Scalpels,drill bits, the rectractor that opened her skin wide
The life support and medical machine beep smoothly,beat after beat
The clamps on her blood vessels and the suction tips and tubes that extract her body fluids
The tension of them as the whole story is aired all over
They turned in many numbers to help and they did the “harambee”
All they wanted to hear was all was well
But moment after moment
Time and the seconds that ticked by made many lose what they value, their HOPE,
All that remains are doubts triggered by emotions
Some believed in them as gods of humanity others believed that they were skilled by Him
Others believed neither
The talk and rumours were heard but her faith remained still and the candle lit brighter than before
14th hour still no news
All we had was the prayers of the faithful
15th hour the surgeons come out
And the more the tension
He smiled and all saw it was well
The relieved faces smiles built on their faces
“Code red”, “code red” an alarm was triggered
It was her room
Now more than before we were confused…