Germany Based Kenyan Artist Pety Nila Releases ‘Me and You’ Featuring Paradise

Germany Based Kenyan Artist Pety Nila Releases 'Me and You' Featuring Paradise

Germany-based Kenyan artist Pety Nila decided to expand her horizons by releasing a love song ‘Me and You’ featuring Tanzanian artist Paradise exactly 2 months after she dropped visuals for one of her songs “Unanidai”.

This new single reaches out to all the romantics at heart who are in love. The two artists wish to celebrate love with clean lyrics that define true love in the purest possible manner. Also, celebrating the spiritual potential of two people committing to each other for life, and never letting their love be challenged by differences in culture or upbringing.  

Me and You is all about two people expressing their love for each other and the love keeps recreating itself like the elements of nature. Despite the challenges, the love keeps growing stronger and stronger.

‘Me and You’ is a track that packs a punch. With sultry vocals and simple lyrics, the beat creates the perfect ambiance for love to flourish.

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The audio was produced by Daizy Beats, mixed and mastered by Aloneym, and video directed by Trey Juelz. 

“What inspired me is the real-life world. Many people wonder if there is true love or not. I am an artist so it’s important for me to relate in the real world and not the fiction world.” Pety Nila says.

When reflecting on her music, she doesn’t want to put herself in a box, she simply loves making music that feels good.

Pety Nila started music when she was young mostly dancing and singing by performing at primary school, Sunday school, and community events. Pety Nila is a mother of 4 and is married in Germany where she has received professional voice training, creating for herself a very broad and eclectic selection of songs, ranging from classical Italian love songs to opera arias to pop songs and spirituals. She recorded her first single in Nairobi.