Former TPF Contestant Patricia Kihoro Does Some Major Bike Upgrade To Avoid Confusion.


Former TPF finalist, actress and radio host Patricia Kihoro recently decided to upgrade her helmet after a stream of strange encounters with people while she rides around the city.

According to the singer, she was tired of strangers and security guards mistaking her for a ‘boda boda’ guy and being treated as thus when visiting hotels and restaurants. She claims that random people would mount her scooter asking how much she charges as though she was offering ‘taxi’ services on it.

“I finally upgraded the helmet,” she said, beaming with relief.

” And a couple of other things. But what this means for me now is that:

1. Strangers will stop randomly mounting my scooter in the middle of traffic saying things like “town ngapi?”

2. Security guards will stop automatically asking me things like, “unadrop ofisi gani?”

3. Security guards will stop exclaiming ” Haiya!” as soon as they realize I’m a woman then flipping it real quick and hitting on me.

4. Security guards will stop telling me to park my boda boda outside hotels and restaurants.

5. I won’t be leaving half of my face beat on the inside of my helmet!” She concluded whilst sharing a photo of her new acquisition.


The biking trend is growing in Kenya and it has caught on rather well among the womenfolk who are now opting to cruise in especially motorbikes and scooters which are faster and more convenient in this modern day traffic era. The ‘boda boda’ industry has also grown extensively and often, personal riders are mistaken for PSVs hence the constant approach by strangers.

We will throw this one to the bikers out there. Have you had a similar experience to Patricia’s?

Source – Vibe Weekly