Fare Ishuke by Sminky | Hii Ni Ya Wale Hungoja Fare Ishuke Ndio Waende Mtaani


Nairobi based rapper and lyricist Sminky has unveilved his latest track “Fare Ishuke” a local slang phrase translating to lower the fare prices.

Mimicking the daily users of the famous public transport vehicles popularly known as Matatu in Kenya who wait until late hours just for the fare prices to be lowered before they head home.

“Nangoja Fare Ishuke! Hii ni ya wale hungoja fare ishuke ndio waende mtaani. Pia wale huwa hawangoji fare ishuke labda wanangoja watoto walele ndio wasiitishwe chocolate. Yote kwa jumla huu ni ule wakati Mfuko umetobokaa…” Smink says.

If you are a resident of Kenya, especially the busy cities then it is no new thing how Matatu fare prices get hiked during rush hours to even double or triple normal rates.

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Produced by MAE Fam Entertainment, watch the awesomely compiled lyrical video below and hope you enjoy this one. cheers!