Essentials For Submitting A Press Release To Actually Get Press (Part 3)


I feel like you are now super equipped with all you need to main that press from the first part and second part of this series, its that time where you now have to press that email send button but before you do that, here are tips to get you started.

It’s mailing time.

So now you seem to be getting closer to your feature right. Wrong! The moment you get the email don’t send a “shareable privatized link” with 20 hi-res photos indicating where they need to be posted. Over email, be personal, pithy, and professional. Get your point across and make it make sense. Twitter got you covered with 140 characters limit. Be precise unto the point! This helps your email stand out but not over the top kind of stand out.

Watch your content. Make sure your pitch tells a story, with evidence and context. Help the blogger understand what is special about you, something that readers will care about knowing. If you are new share basic information about yourself. Links to your social media can also be of use.

Other than that creative’s can share their great back stories, previous works that turned out great or hit works, their producers, other works they have featured in or people they have featured in their work, cover works, platforms you have graced, awards won and many more. Make your press release readable and interesting. Anything that can give you credibility. Share something that’s interesting about you or your work. What the art is all about, how it come together … most readers find it dope when they read about your journey and learn new things about you as a fan.

Inclusion of your lyrics in this mail will also help the blogger write an inspirational kind of article for your feature. So yes, package yourself as a creative and your work in writing. This ultimately shows the professionalism in your hustle. This makes the blogger to respect you and your work. You will be handled according to your presentation people. Remember respect is always earned never given.

Great! So you have done all that you had been advised by Ater… So how come you haven’t seen your feature? Well give writers time to consider your request, and make a great post about you. To write a heartfelt article just like creative works you need to have the time and place to do it. So just like you the blogger needs to find their place. However if you were aiming at something either an event or holiday then make this clear to the blogger. Remember the communication you had earlier established it will come to play right now.

If despite your patience you have not still seen the post up … Then you can once again reach out to the blogger and professionally ask how far long before the feature is up on the website.

If your pitch is however declined, or goes unanswered, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t assume anyone blogger or a platform is out to get you, or has a vendetta against you, or won’t give you a shot in airing your work. However, the best, editorial coverage is not the only way to build a following. Sometimes approach your fans don’t be surprised seeing yourself on a platforms and publications that you didn’t even imagine you would be let alone the one that declined your initial feature request. Connecting to your own audience propels than most people imagine as you become a trend when people ask for your work.

Ultimately, remember that nothing is promised. Have faith, and don’t give up. In the long run, a good attitude is your career’s best security. A creative has got to do what a creative’s got to do. Don’t sit and wait for just a blog to do a feature. Keep pushing keep sending requests, connect and build your network. Most of all develop your own fan base nothing spreads like a wild fire than word of mouth. Believe in your work and know that someone is watching. At the right time you will make your break and they will all pay attention! Strive to always drop the sense of enlightenment when it comes to your hustle.