Essentials For Submitting A Press Release To Actually Get Press (Part 1)


A couple of months after fully getting into the blog-Kenyan Musik– fully I decided to do that which was its soul purpose, blog about music. I gave up! Trouble is this is what the blog is all about so no there was no giving up sadly. Now that am back I really want to at least let it known why we are not doing as many features as compared to what is in our inbox.

I know most of you have called us snobs but hey maybe you did not know so read carefully then you might just know why you have received a blue tick from me or just a grey tick. Worst-case scenario your mail was never responded to!

First of all KenyanMusik doesn’t charge for any sort of feature in regards to music and entertainment unless otherwise … slim chances for that though. However, bills have to be paid. Second, most times we do not accept payment in exchange for editorial coverage. Lastly, we do offer a variety of payable services and that is why most of us have an open DM for queries so slide in.

When I was introduced to this particular type of blogging, I have come to see or receive frustrating music premieres pitches there can be – be it from artists, publicists, writers and editors alike. I know that things work differently from site to site. I also note that the levels at which artists are or rather creative’s are is different. Even so, I believe there is a standard procedure for asking for a feature so experience does not hold much weight.

Kenyan Musik for that matter has featured tones of music not just from the big names in the industry but also from those who not even friends know are singing. We have been privileged to also collaborate with big names in the industry and for that, I know there is a code of conduct when doing review request.

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For this reason, here is a basic guideline for pitching your music based on my experience, Ater’s perspective of how things should work. It is not stone casted but believe me try it out and you will see a change in terms of response to your feature requests. I sincerely hope this article clarifies the pitching process to all especially the upcoming in the entertainment industry. So no more spamming!

The Music Blogging Landscape.

Kenyan Musik offers a platform for all in the music industry to be able to sell their merchandise to its/their fans. Unlike some other websites, Kenyan Musik is a more Kenyan flavored type of site. We try to unify the diversity brought about by many variations. Unifying factor being Kenyan. This means no matter where you are your genre or style we try to give you a platform. After awhile we broaden our wings, we included various forms of art. This gave us a larger spectrum hence the transition from a music promotional site to an entertainment site. Believe me we are still soaring higher so watch this space.

As a result of the ever changing music landscape as a result of the evolutionary internet we too have had to evolve to cope with the market demand. So yes we continually contagiously pass on creativity as we have earned the title and trust of our following as taste makers and a place to find the greatest music by our very own Kenyan artists.

In my next part of this series, I talk about the steps in getting a feature. Read here


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