ED iZycs Unveils Second Album ‘Gold’, A Beautiful Medley of Strings and Horns


Multi-talented instrumentalist, ED iZycs’ second body of work ‘Gold’ is a beautiful medley of strings and horns, the likes of which we’ve never heard before.

‘Gold’ opens with soothing ’Paradise’, a steady tempo instrumental that encourages you to relax and open your mind to an array of possibilities. It then leads you into a slightly faster ’Redemption’ before wooing you with Chike’s amazing vocals in ‘Ohema’.

The first three tracks excellently set the mood for the 13-track album, and prepare you for a mind-blowing auditory journey.

ED iZycs shows off his prowess in composition on this album by drawing from several genres. Some tracks like Zuri have a notable northern influence, while some tracks boast a slight Fuji influence and others give off a hint of hip-hop. ‘Smile’, featuring Godwin Guitar, is a cheery, feel-good medley of strings that features a duet by a piano and guitar.

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While ’Gold’ is mostly an instrumental compilation, we’re still thrilled by the vocals of select artistes like Skales, Byno, and Kimberleigh Venty, to name a few. The entire album is arranged to give listeners a seamless listening experience, taking you from highs to lows and rounding off leaving you wanting more.

ED iZycs will be performing the Gold Album in Lagos on Friday 12th April , Port harcourt Friday 26th April & Abuja Friday 3rd May 2019

The Gold Album hits digital stores on the 26th of April 2019.