Deejay Africano and The Creative Genius Thrill Revelers At The Spring Break In Atlanta


Last Saturday night it was party night as Rwanda’s Deejay Africano alongside The Creative Genius came together to thrill revelers at Crazy Atlanta in Downtown in Atlanta, USA.

A one of a kind event put together and organised by The Creative Genius, a group of Rwandan Hip Hop Artists living in the United States like Jay Pac, MrRock, Young P and Boris.

Many Rwandans who came from various States like Michigan, Chicago, Miami, Ohio, Maine, North Carolina, Washington DC joined others based in Georgia to this event which was dubbed, the Spring Break In Atlanta.

Deejay Africano, who had been in Atlanta since last Sunday 11th March 2018 started entertaining the crowd at around 10:00PM by mixing various genres of music before a dozen artists took on Stage around midnight until 1:00AM.

Performing various hits like ‘Tutaranywa’, ‘African Boy’ and many more to an energetic crowd that reciprocated with a lot of love as they were full of joy and singing along.

Resident deejays at the Crazy Atlanta, Deejay 5Star and Deejay Teflon Don took over and kept on entertaining the crowd alongside Deejay Africano until 3:00AM which is the time all night events end in Atlanta by law.

Below are some images from the show.