Dear Me In Ten Years – Sharon Winnie [POEM]


Did your dreams come true?

Or life became somehow rude

Are you still kind and good?

Or fame turned you hood
Wait… did you get famous at all?

Shows all over, concerts and balls

Selfies with strangers in malls

Or this dream will crumble and fall?
Are your pieces in a book yet?

Or publishers did not your pieces get

You know a lot of people on you bet

So to them you owe this debt
You must be married by now

To your true love? Did fate allow?

I wonder what you wrote in your vows

I hope you know around it how to plough
Are you happy?

Or you always feel like a dark alley

Still hanging out with sally?

Or you guys turned out crappy
Did mama’s dreams come true?

Did she the punches of life pull through

Or with time her hopes she threw

If you let her, that is cuckoo
You wanted to be a career lady

Never was one to slouch and be lazy

Jacky of all trades cruising in a Mercedes

I hope you are, regardless of the babies
Above all things are you contented?

Life is not all pretty and scented

Certain times come fermented

Contentment equals happiness invented
Have you yet traveled the world?

Beneath the Eiffel tower twirled?

Stones from the wall of China hurled?

Boat rides with sails that flap unfurled?
It just hit me… are you alive?

Well and healthy through each sunrise

Or you’re somewhere in the afterlife

Reincarnated into a queen bee inside a hive

Yours truly,

Present past you.

This poem was written and published by Sharon Winnie Achieng – A singer songwriter and poet who often pens down her mind blowing works on her blog