Dandora kids make history as the first Kenyan talents to feature in a Cartoon Network show


Some 9 school-going children aged between 7-14 yrs, from Dandora slums, will be the first Kenyan talents to feature in a Cartoon Network (CN) show. The Cartoon Network Pop Up Party Show will be beamed to a global audience when it airs on both DStv and GOtv. It is also the first show for the network to be shot in Kenya. The dynamic talents will be performing today’s trendiest dance moves including Bazokizo, Shaku Shaku, Vimbada, Gwara Gwara among others. The kids will produce 8 brand new stylish videos highlighting one dance style performed on an original music track which will showcase some amazing locations that depict Kenyan culture and landmarks.

The brand-new Pop Up Party videos, which captures the vibe of the locations, the beauty of movement and shares a message of positiveness and creativeness in a unique Cartoon Network way, launches on Saturday, 29 February, on Cartoon Network Africa, DStv, channel 301 and GOtv, channel 67.

“We excited to unveil these dynamic street dancers who have now gained a global platform to showcase their talents,” said Philippe Bresson, a Kenyan Photographer, filmmaker, editor and corporate video producer who is also co-director of Pop Up Party.

“For Cartoon Network, talent itself is the only criteria, always! They obviously wanted to cast astonishingly good dancers that would embody on screen not an ideal but a true lively representation of the Kenyan and African youth and its dynamism. They also wanted to gather a team of super talented creatives: choreographers, composer, and director, with the necessary experience and creative craziness that would make this amazing crew shine, and allow the Pop Up Party music & dance videos to capture the vibe of the locations, the beauty of movements and share a message of positiveness and creativeness in a unique Cartoon Network way,” said Mr. Bresson while explaining the choice of the talents.

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According to Bresson, the kids selected are expected to produce brand-new video bursts (30 seconds to 1-minute long each) highlighting one African dance style like the Bazokizo, Shaku Shaku, Gwara Gwara, Kanyaga lami, ODI, Vimbada, Pilolo, and Chocobodito.

“The children are a part of a community center in Dandora, Nairobi. They have been dancing and trained by Kenyan artist Bruz Newton. Bruz Newton is from the area and believes that children should be encouraged to utilize dance as an artistic expression,” he added.

 “The show will air on 29th February at 09:40 East Africa Time on the Cartoon Network channel on both DStv and GOtv.”

The director added that the kids will be remunerated for their time and performance.