Crown Prince Of Benga Dan Aceda To Hold A Masterclass Session At Kenyatta University


Following the successful release of his 11th album Accelerata’s, Dan Aceda, the Crown Prince of Benga, is set to hold a Masterclass at the Kenyatta University, Music Department.

It is set for today, January 30, 2019 from 10am. Speaking about the Masterclass sessions, Dan Aceda said, “My focus is mainly on songwriting, music business, performance and stage craft. My goal is to share knowledge with a person who is already working on their craft.”

Dan Aceda’s passion for the music industry has seen him work with various artistes in the industry as is evident in his latest album where he features Jamaican star Etana, Urban music goddess Sage, songstress Avril among others.

Speaking on what drove him to start the Masterclass sessions, Dan said, “You know the crazy thing is, I have unofficially and informally been doing this work. I have had so many musicians come to my studio just to talk and share. Not that I’m a super expert but that I’ve largely kept my door always open.”


He continued, “So I would like to be more formal sessions and maybe the sharing will help another person. I don’t know about legacy but I know for me somebody taught me the stuff I know and sharing that stuff would cost me nothing.”

He adds that the sessions are free of charge and will include songwriting, music business, stage craft and Benganology 101, participants are required to register through his website;