Coastal Records and Kwata Music Unveil ‘Kwata Diary’ Album by Mic Monsta


Cameroonian rap artist Mic Monsta has gain a huge following over the years for using his sound which he tags Kwata Music to blend on all genres of music.

Mic Monsta’s wordplay technique makes his storytelling ability unique which is why he is easily listed as Cameroon’s finest lyricist.

His first studio project was titled ‘Mic Monsta the EP’ which he released in 2017. The EP was a great success with songs like ‘Fear’ and ‘Freedom of speech’ gaining major traction around Cameroon and the African diaspora communities.

Mic Monsta also announce his signing and label affiliation with Californian based Coastal Records LLC owned by Pharrell Omam.

“Writing this songs was my way of coping with the ongoing crisis in Cameroon and every song on the project captures an important reality from my experience but it’s not all a sad story”, says Mic Monsta.

His latest offering ‘Kwata Diary’ is an experiment project on his personal life as a hip hop artist from the English speaking part of Cameroon.

Watch ‘Change Ya Style’ by Mic Monsta featuring Dready Christ below, enjoy.

Composed of genres like hiphop, soul, Afrobeats, reggae and Dancehall, ‘Kwata Diary’ talks of people’s daily experiences – touching reality topics, from injustice, war, lifestyle, regrets, party, love to self-worth.

Features an array of artists, budding and established stars including Ewube, Dready Christ, Besingi, Crispy, Gaiius, Jeff July and Fashion Dee.

Produced by Gaiius, DJ Karl, DJ Glenny, King Gunz, Bazini Beatz and Slim Beatz. Stream the full album here.