Chimano Releases His Debut Solo Single And Music Video For ‘Friday Feeling’

Chimano, a celebrated style icon and all-rounded Kenyan entertainer releases his debut solo single and music video for 'Friday Feeling'

Celebrated style icon and all-rounded Kenyan entertainer Chimano, widely known as a singer and performer of the Grammy-certified Kenyan music group Sauti Sol, has today released his debut solo single and music video for  “Friday Feeling.” An elated Chimano shares, “It’s the first time I am actually putting my creativity to the test by myself and I am serving realness as we all should”. The feel-good freedom song produced by DTX was co-written by Chimano, Don Ngatia, and Bensoul. “Friday Feeling” is the first single off his upcoming EP titled HEAVY IS THE CROWN, expected to be released in early 2022.

It’s exhilarating music video brings back the life of the ballroom culture, known to have supported underground LGBTQ leading to a competitive subculture in either walking or dancing for prized trophies.

The 7-track HEAVY IS THE CROWN EP is the beginning of a new chapter for Chimano. He reveals, “I needed to be myself fully because of my found conviction and I needed to have courage to be that for others, to inspire them to see that they can also be themselves. The crown in this case is on you and me. If you go through life in kindness, standing up for your dreams and aspirations, respecting your fellow human beings, and respecting the right of others to live unrestricted as long as it’s not an infringement on your human rights then you have a crown on your head. It’s hard to ignore the burdens society puts on you but by believing and focusing on yourself while being kind to others, you have crowned yourself and don’t need anyone to validate that.”

Get ready for the funk, soul, richness, and diversity of Chimano’s HEAVY IS THE CROWN upcoming body of work, with epic visuals, art direction, and lyrics about self-acceptance, love, freedom, redemption, and gratitude. It’s a risqué EP that challenges toxic masculinity, prejudices, and hypocrisy. Chimano sums up, “I have fully started to express myself, and deep down for me this is an expression of happiness and freedom.”

‘Alone-Together’ is the second chapter of the life of Sauti Sol – the iconic Kenyan music group who will continue to serve their craft and brotherhood. It ties in the natural progression that each band member is experiencing, while still maintaining a cohesive unit. The journey is a 4-part open letter to their fans and the world to enlighten them on who Sauti Sol (Savara, Chimano, Bien, and Polycarp) really are; 4 phenomenal parts that make 1 Iconic whole. Heavy Is The Crown by Chimano, Father Studies by Fancy Fingers, Bald Men Love Better by Bien- Aime, and Savage Level by Savara are masterfully crafted musical and visual works that are sincere representations of them as world-class artists. All the albums will be released on Exodus Entertainment | Sol Gen and distributed by Ingrooves. With each release, the fans, old and new, young and old, will get to experience each artist’s unique flair, and perhaps get greater insight as to why they are 4 phenomenal parts that make 1 Iconic whole. Sauti Sol will release their next group album in May 2022.

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