Cheesy the Name Is ‘The Bad Guy’ In New Video


This jam dropped just over a month ago but it is still fresh enough to make it to our list of favorite tracks of 2020 yet. Done as a mild glitch freestyle visual just under 2 minutes and directed by Chris Oroda, “The Bad Guy – Al Pacino” by Cheesy the Name deserves an encore.

Maintaining high energy yet smooth rap flow on a sprint of rhymes, Cheesy touches on various topics from incest, betrayal to chest-thumping with every breath on the Zero Music produced trap beat.

With a number of releases under his belt, among them, “Gasoline” – a joint with King Mulee, “The Purge” and “BET”, the year looks brighter for this young talent and we can only wait to see what project he has in store for us, a mixtape maybe?

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Watch the video below, hope you enjoy it just as much as we did.