Beryl Owano’s 8th Studio Project Will Get You Up And Dancing ‘Kalipso’


The Kenyan music industry is overflowing with talent. The diversity of young and upcoming artists is putting our entertainment scene in the charts.

Artists have a unique sense of identity that makes them stand out in a field characterized by cut-throat competition. Long gone are the days when music was just a thing to pass time. The diversity in the different acts has brought a spiced flavor that Kenyan music lovers can identify with.

However, behind all that glamour, fame and fortune is a lot of hard work that these artists put. Some artists toil and sweat trying to come up with ‘Good Music’ that never make it to the air waves.

Breaking through in the industry, having a voice and a platform to showcase your art is no mean achievement. Beryl Owano a Kenyan Afro pop singer and songwriter is back on the music scene after a long silence.

With her unique sound and experience, having worked with various top-deck artistes from across the region, Beryl Owano joins the refreshing new faces of artistes eager to change the name of the game.

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Beryl Owano comes back with new jam titled ‘Kalipso‘ her 8th song. Its generally a club song stating dance in ‘Kalipso‘ on repeat in the chorus which with no doubt slated to get people on their feet

The audio produced by Jacky B of Tamusana Records and the video directed by Nezzoh Monts under Above The Rim Productions.

Watch it below, enjoy.

The sensational singer believes that our music scene is ailing and this is simply because a majority of the already established artistes look down upon upcoming artists while others ask for obnoxious favors so that to play, write or even produce your music.

“It is a struggle out here and a majority of young girls get duped easily but one needs to be focused and go into the industry with their head intact,” she told us.