Beauty by Janet Onyango


They say she’s a beauty because she’s got that pretty face everyone wants to look at,

She’s got the kind of body features that leaves everybody mesmerized,

Her code of dressing leaves you asking who her designer is.

All in all beauty lays on the eyes of the beholder…

The question is does the beholder see it right?

So everyday there are beautiful people,

But how do you define their beauty or rather identify beauty

Others think it’s the pretty face,

Others think it’s the classy outfit and designs or good looking features.

Have you ever imagined what real beauty is?

If you come to think of that person with an admirable personality,

First class etiquette,


Time conscious with all the characteristics one can wish to have,

What do you think of that kind of person?

Would you consider the person beautiful?

Personally, I think that beauty is within…

It is modified by the characters within.

Somebody’s behavior is the outright beauty,

Somebody’s outstanding personality is actually the expressive beauty that comes out ,

Equal to when you put your make up to bring out your features .

We talk of a beautiful soul…a beautiful heart,

It’s the act of admiration towards the personas behavior that brings out that complement,

Beauty is generally how you carry out yourself,

It modifies the whole outward look,

Unfortunately the outer might never modify the inner, but the inner modifies the outer.

What’s beautiful from within will definitely depict its inner beauty.

 -Written by Janet Onyango