Beauty, Brains and Talent – Dancehall Queen Phieso Shades Light On Her Life And Music


Who is phieso?

(She laughs) To be honest ah don’t know… um…Really, Phieso She’s shy, creative, determined, stubborn, spontaneous, and secretive.

What’s your sound and style?

It’s dancehall, reggea and a mixture of an uptown and downtown vibe.

Do you always write your songs?

Ninety-nine percent. 1% is the help of my producer versatile Kenya.


I understand that you don’t have a manager.  Why is that?

 I prefer it that way because I get to know first-hand about the other side of the music business and I get to personally handle my


But at the rate at which your career is going, don’t you think you will need one in the future?

I’m going to need one soon.

What’s your average day like?

These days things are a bit slow, but usually as soon as I wake up, I check my blackberry for show updates and respond to emails. Then I bathe, go on the road to deal with interviews or make special appearances.

What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without?

My phone, bag, spray, brush, and mate lipstick—can’t leave without ma mate lipstick.


What are you addicted to these days?

Nothing really. I’m a seasonal girl and have my phases.

Favorite colour?

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I’m not a “favorite” kind of girl. But lately I tend to be into Blond and gold. But if I’m in the mood for something I’ll be into it. That’s how I usually treat everything, music, fashion, men… (She chuckles at that).

Okay, so you’re not “a favorite kind of girl” but what about artistes in the business that you look up to?

Locally I love Versatile Kenya; international artists such as Spice (Grace Hamilton) Dmajor; Charlyblack ; and most definitely J Capri R.I.P… I take a lot of inspiration from her.


Have you faced discrimination?

Yes. A lot of persons didn’t believe in m e. They would look at me and see the “bent foot” and say things like ‘Where’s she going with that?’ or ‘She doesn’t even have a degree.’ I grew up with so much discrimination that I learned how to have a thick skin and continue to do what I know I can do.

Are you interested in anything outside of music?

Modelling, Fashion, Perfume, Hair.

Where do you want to go,  that you haven’t visited yet?

Jamaica! Ever since I was 18 years old and watched and started doing dancehall music. I also want to go to Bahamas and visit Atlantis because I’m a very adventurous person.