Apple’s iPhone X Launches In Kenya At Salute iWorld


The holiday season has begun on a high as the Apple iPhone X last Friday launched in Kenya. The world’s biggest smartphone maker newest device was unveiled by Salute iWorld a top retailer and authorized dealer of Apple products at their Westgate Mall branch, Nairobi.

The iPhone X is Apple’s most recent product right after the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. It comes with the most advanced technology with flawless hardware design and a range of new service offerings.

For over a decade, iPhone has embodied modern mobile computing. iPhone 8, launched earlier, is the culmination of that Home-button-and-bezel vision, of everything that’s come before. iPhone X (pronounced “Ten”), is something else entirely — the beginning of what comes next.

The two phones have many things in common, including the A11 Bionic processor inside, inductive charging on the back, along with Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting on the rear camera system. Both are water resistant, have the same high-speed wireless radios, and 64 GB and 256 GB storage options.

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What iPhone X doesn’t have — aside from a gold color option — is a Home button, Touch ID, and bezels. Apple has deleted all of them. And, in their place, created new, gesture-based navigation, Face ID, and the TrueDepth camera system.

The result is a display that goes edge-to-rounded-edge, wrapped in a design that harkens back to the original iPhone while still looking like something straight out of sci-fi. Starting at Ksh. 160,000.