Anna by Lofe featuring Raj x Javan | Could This Be The Dopest Video This Year?



I write about everything music, wait…I write about everything Kenyan music but just like you I do have favorite musicians on the Kenyan scene and one of them is this Prince from Bananaland by the name Raj.

Always showing his lyrical prowess and he is amongst the few Kenyan rap acts that can claim the crown with any abjection, with a unique flow and powerful rhyme he maintains his music strength incomparable to any local products maybe put him head to head with Lamar and if you ask me I don’t know why he hasn’t won an Grammy award but lets hope soon he will.

Well if you not getting my drift here is why am talking about Musicbank C.E.O Raj as this time round he has teamed u with two other hip hop artists Lofe and Javan in this track titled Anna- yes Anna like a girl and its a little challenging when you get to listen to the jam and how the word “Anna” has been used multiple times along lines like.

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“Fresh, checki vile ANNA vaa…Checki, checki vile ANNAkaa…Check, checki vile ANNAng’aa…Mpaka boyz wa mtaa wanabaki kushangaa…Chopi, na si wa kulewa chopi…Good brain unapata siondoki…Banana girl, checki vile haogopi…Groupies, wakicompete na kucopy”

Accompanied with a heavy beat this jam is definitely danceable to a hiphop style of cause and if you Are a hip hop head then you going to love it.

The track was produced at MoneyMall by Addi and recorded at MusicBank while the appealing video saw Nezzo Films wear the directorship helmet.

Watch the video below and let us know if its a hit or miss in the comment box.



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