Amahumble Unveils An Intriguing Praise Tune Titled ‘Ceaseless Praise’


Gospel music minister, Amarachi Ukaonu, who brands her self as “Amahumble” has released an intriguing praise tune titled “Ceaseless Praise” which happens to be her debut single.

“Ceaseless Praise” by Amahumble is a song fused with a bit of Nigerian Pigin, Hausa and Igbo language alongside English vocals which took major in the song. It is poised to put you in a funky dancing mood, thanking God for all He has done for you and your family in this second half of the year.

Amahumble’s debut single “Ceaseless Praise” is a song of gratitude, declaring the awesomeness of our God

Download and joyfully dance your way into God’s outpouring blessings below.

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Ceaseless Praise – Amahumble Audio