Ajaabu Hits On Singer Vivian On Latest Comedy Skit


He ventured into one of the unconventional careers in the region, online content creation. While we may have a few in the sector, few of them have taken space in this space.

Born Shaffie Kapsandui Chemasuet aka Ajaabu is a professional in journalism, an actor and a social media influencer. He began his venture as an actor in 2013, featuring in the then comic Pranksters show that was airing on NTV.

Uploading at a frequency of about 3 days on his fast growing Youtube channel Ajaabu TV.

Ajaabu’s most recent offering brings on board Kenya’s finest singer and performing songwriter Vivian.

Posing as an excited fan, Ajaabu’s dialogue with Vivian delves in matters work as Ajaabu request for how to reach her recording studio, offering her free lunch and even trying to hit oh her (Not sure if Sam West watched this episode though).

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The former camera operator for Kajairo Entertainment and current K24’s Utani Show has perfected his talent evident with the giggles Vivian keeps on making in this episode.

Watch the episode below and enjoy.

His shear hardwork has developed him to become a Social Media Influencer through his media platforms which include his 2 youtube channels namely Ajaabu TV and Ajaabu Comedian that we strongly recommend you subscribe to and be the first to watch all new episodes.