Africa Day Fest :An Audio Experience Celebrating Africa will take place on Africa Day, Tuesday, May 25th via the Clubhouse app. Africa Day is the annual celebration of African independence and freedom. It commemorates the founding of the Organization of African Unity (now known as the African Union) on May 25, 1963. Africa Day Fest is 12-hours of conversations and immersive audio experiences featuring speakers and artists from across the continent and the Diaspora.

“The African Union exists as an organization and platform to amplify our voices as Africans and give us greater collective capacity. It also serves as an example of the power that lies in cooperation and collaboration. This same spirit of connecting across borders and collectively working towards a greater good exists within the Afrcan Community on Clubhouse. During the pandemic Africans on the app from across the continent and diaspora mobilized to support the #ENDSARS and #TigrayGenocide movements. From Venture Capital pitch sessions to staging an audio production of Fela On Broadway, Africans are leveraging Clubhouse to build community, amplify our voices and champion Africa’s prosperity.” Ngozi Odita, Africa Day Fest Organizer, Founder, Africa NXT.

Africa Day Fest :An Audio Experience Celebrating Africa is curated in collaboration with Clubhouse moderators who host some of the app’s most inspiring, insightful and entertaining Africa-focused “rooms.” Programming will include Fireside Chats, Panels, AMA’s (Ask Me Anything), Readings and performances. The day will end with a DJ session featuring DJs from across the continent and diaspora.

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+ Technology’s Role In Advancing Africa’s Tourism Industry || Hosted By The Uganda House

+ African Podcasting & It’s Cultural Impact || Hosted By African Podcasters 

+ Somalia Nation of Poets || Hosted By Somali Hour

+ Ghana’s Beyond The Return Initiative || Hosted By Voyajah – Beyond the Return

+ How To Elevate & Plate African Cuisine || Hosted by African Chefs In Diaspora

+ Pidgin Beer Parlour Radio || Hosted By Pidgin Beer Parlour

+ Making Agribusiness Sexy To Young People || Hosted by Agriculture in Africa

+ African Fashion: Influencing and Innovating The Future of The Fashion Industry || Hosted By African Fashion Foundation

+ Owning Our Narrative: Storytelling As A Vehicle For Social Change || Hosted by CamerConnect

+ Mixtape Interludes (pop up mini sets with different artists)

+ Shifting The Culture: Major Moments In East African Music History || Hosted by Via East Africa Club

+ ALL-AFRICA SoundKlash (Closing Event)

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