Adhiambo Nyaugenya by Sharon Winnie


Adhiambo nya ugenya,my beautiful wife
Light of my eyes,teeth so white
My mother tells me you need to go back
The qualities of a good wife you lack
She says you are heavy like a sack
You do not touch any house work
And cannot hold a jembe to the farm
Adhiambo she says I married a baby
Not woman enough to call a lady
Just wants to sit all day and watch the telly
She says she is tired of scorning you daily
Telling you the clothes you wear are too skimpy
Some of them displaying my belongings,your thighs
That the village men you just want to entice
Letting them see your curves,for them to rejoice
Adhiambo she says the villagers at her are laughing
They say her son brought home nya ‘taon’- a weakling
Cannot light the fire,nor the firewood fetch
when to the river she goes,for three hours she wants to stretch
And the kitchen she doesn’t enter,without her husbands presence
My wife she says I have to take you back in haste

The food you cook is terrible, she cannot dare to taste
Your ugali has too much water,it looks like paste
So she has to throw it away, ‘unga’ put to waste
Too much salt,no salt at all,too much soup,burnt food
Light of my eyes, what should I do?
You know I love my mother too
And her case against you is oh so true
You are first to go to bed,and the last to wake up
I see her bend her old back to clean the compound up
Drenched in African heat,humming a beautiful song
While you toss and turn in your bed,waiting for a wake up call
Adhiambo she says she has been patient for the sake of her son
But the time for you to go back home has come
A lot of things,from your mother you need to learn
How to cook for your husband,and your home to clean
How to treat him and his family right,and respectfully to dress
So when the first cock crows tomorrow
To ugenya I will take you back in sorrow
I will tell your mother her skills you need to borrow
As I wait for you my heart will remain hollow
But try very hard your mother’s instructions to follow
Just tell me when to come back you are ready
I promise to bring you back in a jiffy
But for now…………its for the best my lady

Written by Sharon Winnie.