Adelle Onyango Share’s Her Experience At The Children’s Global Media Summit 2017 In London


After being named among BBC’s 100 most influential women of 2017,  radio presenter, actress and vlogger Adelle Onyango was invited to the Children’s Global Media Summit 2017 in London, UK – a summit that seek to redesign the digital world for future generations of young people, within five themes of empowerment, innovation, freedom, entertainment and education t help curb cyberbullying.

Adelle was part of the panel that included Australia’s leading cyber safety expert Susan McLean, and Professor Sonia Livingstone OBE, member of the Royal Foundation Task force on the Prevention of Cyberbullying.

Below is what she had to share after jetting back home,

What was the major take home lesson you learnt from attending and speaking at the summit?

That there’s a bigger world full of so many possibilities and thirsty for the digital content I make. sometimes when we get caught up in the bubble that is our country forget.

Who are some of the people you met?

Kate Middleton which was amazing she was really into finding out what content is coming out of Kenya. Michelle Guthrie the MD of ABC, Alex Okosi the Executive Vice President Of Viacom International Media

Do you feel like people are now more aware to the dangers of cyberbullying?

Definitely. The panel I was part of was discussing that and was extremely vibrant with views from different corners of the world but they all echoed the same sentiments that it’s time to tame that monster.

You met the Duchess of Cambridge. How was the whole process like?

I was nervous. When I got the email asking if I could be one of the delegates to receive her and Prince William I thought I was dreaming. And then it happened and they’re both really humble and genuinely interested in content for Generation U!

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What did you talk about?

She was interested in Kenya and if we faced the same challenges as them in terms of content regulation for children, telling our own stories and if we had any solutions they could borrow from us!

As a BBC 100 Woman, what are some of the experiences have you had thanks to the title?

I don’t think the title has led to experiences per se. Because I created Brunch with Adelle right after being named one of the 100 but that was my effort and creation. Also going. To the Summit was based on loud conversations on Cyberbullying I’ve had online that caught the organizers attention.

What do you intend to do going forward with your social activism?

Furniture projects more like 2018 plans.
I plan on honoring my late mother through a really fun collaborative project, expanding AdelleTV and a lot more

What is that one thing you would like to tell a troll or cyberbully?

To be better and grow up. The world has enough stress you shouldn’t be one. Deal with your internal issues instead of projecting them on us. But also those cheering online bullies need to log off and seek a better understanding of themselves they are part of the problem.

Someone once DMed you apologizing for trolling you, what was your response?

I told them to be better now that they knew better!