Acey Drops Stunning Visuals For Her New Single ‘Shuga’


Not certain when she rebranded to just Acey, which is one of the reasons why finding this song today after I saw it on my feed yesterday was a bit of a hustle.

You may remember her for massive releases ‘Nimekutoka’ and ‘This Game’ as Acey Gracey but from now on let’s just call her Acey, shall we?.

Anyways, fresh from her music and fashion show Touch of a Goddess which the other week at MJ Centre, Acey has a brand new song titled ‘Shuga’ (Mdogo mdogo) out.

A love song with smooth vibes, done is Swahili, a language she has proven to command so well. This jam fits well on your daily playlist, sports a calm nondistructive beat by Charmant on the beat.

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Incorporating both fashion and art in the stunning visuals which features a buddy of mine Vincent Lobosso aka the entertainment kahuna brother Bill Libosso, watch the video below as directed by Nezzoh Montana, enjoy.