Kenyan rap kings set to battle it out at “Who Is King” concert


The war started with Juliani when he called out his fellow hip-hop brothers Rabbit, Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo with the aim of proving who amongst the four is the true King of rap in the Kenyan music industry, the battle dubbed “Who Is King” saw Khaligraph launching his missile first when he went in studio and recorded a diss jam “King Khali” which followed by Juliani throwing back a grenade dubbed “Lord Forgive me” and following Octopizzo’s musical silence on the matter the last was Kaka empire’s Rabbit who fired “Kionjo” gunshots.


This fight dropped down to three who have decided to set a date to battle it out in a live rap battle you know like freestyle battle which would be first of it’s kind amongst Kenyan rap artists if it actually happens. The venue has not yet been determined but the date is set to be on 19th of December with the tickets already on sale with an interesting fact about the pricing which increases with time. If this war actually happens then we will have a clear picture of who is the true King of Kenyan hip-hop.

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