The Weekend Ends Deal With H&M After Racist Advert That Went Viral

With the growth of social media use, marketers have been pushing the limits in creating ways to reach their target consumers but that wasn’t the case for American clothline H&M who have been the official clothing partners of Musician Abel Makkonen Tesfaye aka The Weekend.

H&M shared an image of a black boy, wearing a hoodie that bear the print “COOLEST MONKEY IN THE JUNGLE”, words that did not seem to please many, seeing popular figures like rappers T.I, Puff Daddy and boxer Floyd Mayweather come out to criticize the same.

In a post The Weekend stated that, following his disappointment in H&M’s actions, he had immediately terminated his deal with the firm and he will no longer be working with them.

Even so, H&M through it’s social media pages has come out to offer an apology for this actions stating that they have pull down the image and also recalled the garment from their product offering, promising to investigate and ensure their routine is followed to avoid such from repeating.

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