Wayawaya by Yusuf Habih | Afro-flavor Star Makes Massive Return With This Swahili Influenced Hit


Well, it’s been one year since I reviewed “Tango”- a track that did so well on the airwaves by Afro-flavor performing and recording artist, Yusuf Habih.

When “Tango” hit the streets all we could think about were the countless hits we were going to receive from this artist, however, what followed were countless reports of the artist being dumped by the girlfriend and quitting his job thereafter.

Since then, the singer went scarce , nowhere to be found leaving many to with the question that maybe he was just a one hit wonder.

Good news ladies and gentlemen as the wait is over, Yusuf has crawled out of hiding with a new hit single dubbed “WayaWaya”.

A Swahili song that has incorporated chakacha elements and follows the sounds of Bongo flava, that talks about a love story gone sour.

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Produced by Kenya’s prolific sound engineer and Dreamland boss Dr. Eddie this track is for sure set to make headlines and break records.

Comes along with awesomely shot visuals, watch “Wayawaya” below and hope you enjoy.