Vitamin U by Roberto x Vanessa Mdee | Zambia Bongo Cross Path In This Afrobeat Hit Single

Teaming up for the first time ever, Zambia’s top Afro pop artist Roberto and Bongo singer and recording artist Vee Money aka Vanesa Mdee have unveiled a brand new single that is topping local charts.

Known for his all time hit single “Amarula”, a single that introduced his name on the scene, gaining fans and acceptance across the continent and beyond. His new single is no different, it’s simple, catchy yet sophisticated enough to resonate across a wide demography of audiences.

Titled “Vitamin U”, yes if you didn’t know such supplement existed now you do- is an Afrobeat track that both Roberto and Vanessa blend their vocals to a smooth ballad.

Produced in Zambia by Kina Music and Roberto, the songs visuals were shot in Tanzania under the keen eye of director Hanscana.

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Watch it below, enjoy.

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