Usikate Tamaa by Swaleh | Lakeside Lyrical Sniper Urges Us To Never Say Never In Whatever We Do


For the few who did not know, am originally from Kisumu and trust my words when I say 2017 has been the year that many fine talents have been working hard to break the ceiling.

Sampling his work for the first time ever, Swaleh, a fresh blood with something new that reflects his ambition and dedication to the art with hopes of one day reaching the skies.

Dubbed “Usikatee Tamaa” a Swahili phrase meaning never give up, is an inspirational┬átrack the lyrical sniper uses to give hope to everyone who is about to give up on life.

Produced by Ryez Muzique, listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts on this one, you feel it?

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