Transcend by Ajo | Hiphop Star Pushes For Pan-Africanism in Debut Release Off His Fourth-coming Album


I am back fam, took that much needed pause from the keyboard but never left my ear-pods behind and during my self imposed break I manged to bounce onto one of the best performing tracks in Uganda right now.

With the prestigious Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017 slated for September this year, I could not help but take a stroll on the streets of Kampala in quest of exploring the Baganda music scene and that is how I bumped into Ajo- A fast riing Ugandan hiphop artist who just unveiled a brand new single titled “Transcend”.

“Transcend”, a word that’s translated as to be or go beyond the range or limits or just be better than is the  first release off his forth-coming album titled, “African Reality”.

When asked what this song is all about, Ajo said, “Transcend is a Pan Africanism song that revolves around encouraging the African people to look beyond their past and present but aim for what is beyond the horizon. It’s a message of self-realization and understanding that the people behind the mask that try to puppet and orchestrate Africa’s predicaments cannot and should not be given the power and liberty to do so.”

From Maumau Rebellion, Maji-Maji rebellion, Muammar Al – Gaddaffi  to Nelson Mandela, Ajo mentions some significant figures and events in the African history in the lyrics of “Transcend”.

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“In this song I incorporate speeches by Patrick Lumumba of Kenya, who has been be one of the modern day enforcers of Pan Africanism. I also use a speech by Kwame Nkurumah who led Ghana to independence and is also regarded as the father of African Nationalism and with their message that is as clear as crystal, they urge Africans to find their footing and form a United African State.” He added.

Produced by Uganda’s renown sound makers Sam Lamara of Talent Africa, Mike256 formerly called Pl@y and a young brilliant beat maker by the name Mowglii.

Listen to it below and share with us your thoughts on it in the comments box below, enjoy.